Knock Knock Cartoons Ltd., LLC

-Good, Fast, or Cheap pick two because you cannot have all three.

-We would rather build you a great box then leave you out in the cold thinking outside of it.

-The cutting edge is built for the glory of the individual, the leading edge for the success of the team.

-“You never remember how long it took, only how good a job you did.” -Hugh Valentine.

-There is no “animation” button on a computer.

-“Technology doesn’t work.” – Mark Mariutto

-Innovation in design moves an art form forward; innovation in software just changes the tools.

-Beware the shortcut.

-“Pushing the envelope” works better, if the envelope contains money.

-Success is about “Yes”.

-There is no disclaimer on an animation job gone sideways.

-We believe a good animation director listens to direction, but doesn’t necessarily follow direction.

-We believe that great animation is a product of solid-state collaboration, not limp noodled, feeble compromise.

-We do “spec” work for loyal clients only.

-It took G-d a week to create the Earth and the Universe; we may need more time.

-You always work with the “A” team.

About Gav Gnatovich

Gav in a Nutshell: Gavrilo Gnatovich graduated from Boston University School of Fine Arts with a BFA in Painting during the “death of painting” era. “Gav” recently received his MFA in Painting from the Savannah College of Art and Design while treading murky water during the “end of 2d animation” era. He still paints, he still animates and he ignores labels. He is an award winning animation guy with a vast pocket full of experience. He has created and directed, television pilots for the Cartoon Network, created award winning independent films, corporate and educational videos, and has directed over 100 animated commercials. He is the Head Cheese, the Kahuna Grande, but he is not the end of it all. He has continued to educate and nurture the uncontrollably youthful and blindingly talented, not only to inspire them but also to push him like an envelope filled with cash.