Double Dome

One of Knock Knock’s absolute favorites, voiced by Jess Harnell channeling his inner Wayne Newton, Doubledome was an integral part of the tandem of “Longhair and Doubledome”, a pilot developed and produced for the Cartoon Network in 2000. “Longhair and Doubledome”, a part of the Cartoon Network’s Summerfest Big Pick in 2000 represents the best and worst days in Knock Knock’s history.

The pilot “Good Wheel Hunting” killed in focus groups conducted by the Network. With a 95% rating among 10-11 year old boys who even requested to see it twice (an unprecedented focus group occurrence). That was a good day. Unfortunately, Longhair and Doubledome failed in the “Big Pick” and was voted out of the running for series on August 27th, 2000. Son of a bitch.