The Fence

A “fence” is a dealer in stolen goods, that’s their cocaine riddled line of work. I once knew a fence during a stint in Massachusetts. He was a chain-wearing thug, who was full of entertaining ways of making a buck. Not having a suitable facility to house a truckload of stolen goods, He came up with his catalog idea. A photo album of items for sale, expensive rugs, silver, jewelry and fine art, his fence fall collection of yet to be stolen goods.

He would have his “cat” burglar break into expensive homes, photograph any and all expensive merchandise and then add the photos to his three ring binder of pending sales. He would ask interested parties in his gruff sales pitch, “You like that rug? I can get you that rug”. The address for the merchandise was scrawled on the back of the photo to insure nighttime pick-up with car trunk back alley delivery.