The Old Man

“The Old Man” was a title of ultimate respect, of experience, and having passed through a soul shredding, gauntlet of unholy crap. It was a title always spoken out of his earshot, you wouldn’t dare say it directly to him. The stories that surrounded him, no doubt true, whispered in your ear, were legendary. He knew Capone, he knew jail, the streets, he knew when to press and when to lay off.

In a bustling casino in Vegas, Sinatra pushed through the crowd with his security helping him plow through, all who noticed cleared the way for the singer. Sinatra approached a broad back man standing in his way and without regard blurted, “Outta my way, old man”. The Old Man turned a planted a firm fist into Sinatra’s chest and glared at him. Sinatra stood there waiting for his security to intervene, they didn’t move, they stood motionless. Knowing precisely whom the singer had just insulted, they turned to Frank and with fearful eyes pleaded, apologize, Frank, now.